Computers to come…

Computers have evolved drastically over time… coming in a different trend and newer technology every year and replacing older technology quickly. What the computer use to be was just something we would work on, but now we have internet and many ways of communicating with people and also play games on them. From the giant computers of the past to small or even mobile computer-like electronics, technology has developed in such a short amount of time. And with video-games, we now have smooth sensitivity with every action that we do… even the internet is faster and smoother than what it used to be.

What we don’t know yet is how technology is going to change in the upcoming future. If we were to make a somewhat educated guess, we would probably see that technology will advance at a steady pace for any upcoming that reflect today’s ideas. A good and possible idea of what to come may be the vision of virtual reality.

4 thoughts on “Computers to come…

  1. Nice post, albeit a bit short. I felt that a bit of your usual voice was lacking here… other than that though, good ideas are shown. Your statement about virtual reality is an oxymoron, yet is strangely realistic.

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